PSTAR Pro: Practice Your Pre-Solo test

An application to help aspiring student pilots study for their PSTAR (Pre-Solo Test of Air Regulations) Exam.

PSTAR Pro: Practice Your Pre-Solo test
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If you're aspiring to become a pilot in Canada, one of the first steps you'll need to take is to pass the Transport Canada PSTAR Exam. The exam is a pre-determined set of 50 questions selected from the Transport Canada Question Bank. This program will randomly select 70 questions (5 from each category) for you to answer, and grade your results.

The PSTAR Exam (Pre-Solo Test of Air Regulations) is a necessary exam that all students are required to take prior to flying their first Solo Flight in Canada. Solo pilots are studnet pilots who have been approved by a flight instructor to fly alone but are not yet fully licensed.

Studying for the PSTAR was difficult for me. Apart from the Transport Canada Guide, there were little resources available to assist me in studying.

Robyn's Improved PSTAR Study Guide was a great resource. Closer to what I was looking for, it allowed me to view questions and their answers, while referencing the correct sections. The issue was that it was not interactive.

Another great resource was the iOS app PSTAR Prep. However, it was not a free resource & only worked on mobile devices.

From the lack of resources available, I decided to create my own PSTAR study prep software. This open-source application is a React-Based application and available to anyone with an internet connection. The Source Code is on GitHub. The application randomly selects 70 questions from the bank, and grades the user's score.

The application runs on React with the help of the gh-pages npm module. The Transport Canada question data was scraped using a python script and exists in a JSON file. Using these platforms, there is no fee to host or run the application.


Take a free PSTAR Practice Exam
Take a practice PSTAR Exam!

Studying for the PSTAR

As someone who has taken the PSTAR myself, there are a few things you should know prior to attempting to write the exam.`

The PSTAR exam consists of multiple-choice questions that assess your knowledge of various aviation topics. It is divided into several categories, each focusing on different aspects of pilot training. Understanding the structure of the PSTAR exam can help you allocate your study time effectively. Here are the categories you need to be familiar with:

  1. Aviation Regulations: This category covers the rules and regulations governing aviation in Canada, including airspace restrictions and flight operation requirements.
  2. Aircraft Operations: You'll be tested on topics such as pre-flight inspection, radio communication procedures, navigation, and emergency procedures.
  3. Navigation: This category focuses on navigation techniques, including chart reading, pilotage, and radio navigation.
  4. The Human Factor: This category explores human performance and limitations, stress management, decision making, and crew resource management.

Open Source

Do you think there's a feature missing from the PSTAR app, or do you have a feature you'd like to implement? Feel free to fork this repository and submit a pull request once ready!

Good Luck, happy studying, and safe flying!