About FYI

FYI = For Your Information

For years, I've felt like the jack of all trades and yet the master of none.

It is partially my fault. I remember having such a passion for the medical field with no desire to go to medical school. My love for Robotics, science & technology was too great to give up. It was here that my high school computer science teacher reccomended I look into "Biomedical Engineering".

Before you get distracted and go down a rabbit hole, let me save you some time. Biomedical Engineering is the scientific embodiment of being the jack of all trades. It incorporates a little bit of every piece of engineering without venturing fully into any of them.

Four years later I had a degree and still no idea what I wanted (or was able) to do. I could code, but not well enough to write a full stack service. I could wire, but I wasn't confident enough to design PCBs. I could design, CAD, & machine, but turning ideas into reality still seemed a little far-fetched.

After bumping around at a couple different firms & some covid-related catastrophes, I ended up back in Toronto & got accidentally tossed into Real Estate. It's where I've been engrossed ever since. After all...its just numbers, right?

So, in an attempt to answer the question of the page title without sounding too contrite, this site is just that. This site has no topic, no theme, no "niche". Its the biomedical engineering of websites. Posting about what I want and when I want to, dictated by no entity or being.

Posts & musings for your information.

To anyone who's ever felt out of place, upside down, or simply with an interest category so diverse they don't know where to begin...

...welcome to the sh*tshow. You're probably an engineer.